30 Sep600 Pupils Contribute to Bunting-Based Art

Schoolchildren from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have put together a bunting-based piece of collaborate art.

The 600 pupils – all aged 12 and 13 – unveiled their bunting in Londonderry as part of a celebration of diversity, peace, and reconciliation. The celebration was part of Ireland’s “Educating Together” programme.

The bunting will now be displayed in the office of the First and Deputy First Minister.

Kevin Campbell, Mayor of Londonderry, said: “I was delighted to be part of this event today and this initiative which brings together our impressionable young who are the future of the region.

“A programme such as this is vital as we move forward to embrace our City of Culture status in 2013; the benefits were clearly obvious from the children and organisers here today.”

Mr Campbell added: “By facilitating them in residential courses where they will learn vital enterprise skills, it is also offering them a chance to come together with others from different community backgrounds, meetings which may not have otherwise happened.”

Chief Executive Officer of YENI, Carol Fitzsimons, also praised the children’s efforts: “Derry/Londonderry is the perfect location to unveil this remarkable piece of art and celebrate the achievements of all the young people who took part in the LET Programme.

“The modern face of the city reflects the themes of the programme: community interaction, sharing and celebrating culture, seeking new opportunities and growing enterprise potential.

“Enterprise education has never been more relevant. Developing young people and equipping them with relevant business skills is vital if we are to have a successful and vibrant economy in the future.

“In today’s economic climate, it is imperative that young people take ownership of their future careers.”

Every year, more than 600 pupils take part in the LET Programme. Over the years, more than 4,500 young people have taken part in it.

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