20 MayBunting the Focus for Banksy’s New Masterpiece

A new bunting-inspired masterpiece, bearing all the hallmarks of street-artist Banksy, has appeared in North London.

The painting, which was added to the wall on Monday night, features a young boy using a sewing machine to make union-jack bunting. It’s thought that the graffiti is in reference to how Western industry uses cheap labour in countries such as India, China, and Sri Lanka.

The area of London where the artwork is situated was one of the areas affected by last summer’s London riots.

The painting also references this year’s Jubilee celebrations, and Banksy has used the Royal family in his artwork in the past, including a mural featuring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Bristol-based artist, who is famous for his undercover works-of-art, has also added his unique sketches to walls all over the world. He also does work on canvas, and was the director the film, “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”

Banksy was also the subject of an amusing parody featuring comedian Jack Whitehall, where Whitehall posed as the artist while drawing various bad murals across Bristol. He’s also the topic of a new book, and has recently been involved in a feud with fellow graffiti-artist “Robbo.”

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