22 SepBunting Torn Down by Council Decision

A carnival committee in South Wales has been told to take down bunting because of an apparent risk to health and safety.

The organisers of the carnival in the village of Johnstown had put colourful triangular bunting up for the event on September 22.

But, despite putting up the bunting for the last 10 years, the council has told them that the bunting had to come down. The news came just days before the big day, and has led to rumours that the carnival was cancelled.

Carnival Committee chairwoman Jenny Fox said she was disappointed with the council’s decision.

Ms Fox said: “We understand that the banners advertising the carnival had to come down because drivers will read them and that could be a distraction.

“However, the bunting has been up every year of the carnival, for the last 10 years.

“We just feel let down by the decision not to allow the bunting to stay at the crossroads.

“The bunting in the park itself is not affected but the crossroads has always had it.”

Maryrose Wright, a fellow committee member said: “Since we had to take it all down, I have had people ask me in the street if the carnival is still on.

“The crossroads was an ideal place for the bunting and let everyone know that the carnival was coming, now we have nothing there.”

However, the local authority’s street works manager Cliff Cleaton said: “Permission is needed for seasonal decorations to be erected in and over the public highway.

He also said that the carnvival committee failed to make a formal application to put the bunting up, and they have been asked to remove them as a result of this.

“If the committee requires any further advice, it can contact the council,” added Mr Cleaton.

Despite all this, the event still went ahead on schedule, just without the bunting, which seems a shame.

The carnival has raised lots of money for local charities since it was launched over 10 years ago.

Speaking before the carnival, Ms Fox added:  ”We are hoping for more floats than ever this year and thousands of people to attend.”

Let’s hope that bunting isn’t amiss next year!

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