23 SepOlympic Bunting Sold on eBay

Bunting which was put up in a Surrey town to celebrate the Olympics has been torn down and sold on online auction site eBay, it hasĀ emerged.

The local council in Elmbridge, which was on the route of the Olympic cycling road races, have now requested that members of the public leave the bunting where it is.

The multi-coloured bunting and banners, which bear the famous Olympic rings, were originally put up earlier this year.

The borough council confirmed that the “theft” of the bunting has been reported to police.

“We would politely request that residents do not remove any of the London 2012 Olympic banners and bunting that have been put up across the borough of Elmbridge,” added a council spokesman.

“These were put in place to celebrate the entire Olympic and Paralympic Games and for everyone to enjoy. They will remain in place well into the Autumn, possibly until Christmas decorations make an appearance in November.

“There has been a loss of some bunting that was placed below head height. It is not specific to one area, but has been removed from many Elmbridge locations.”

eBay wouldn’t comment on this particular case. However, they did say that people need to adhere to their rules when buying and selling items on the site. This involves not selling anything that doesn’t actually belong to the seller.

A spokesman for eBay added: “We act on all official reports of stolen property received from the police.”

2012 has seen a rise in the popularity of bunting in the UK, spearheaded by the Olympic games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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